• Date Range Selector for all stats – identify, for example, which Search Engines were used to find your site yesterday. Or last week. Or compare last week and this week. Etc. (可以選擇日期範圍)
  • Simplified Code Generation Process – get your code more quickly. Reinstallation is much easier too. (簡化語法的產生過程,記得以前要申請還蠻費功夫)
  • Quicker Sign Up for New Members – fewer clicks, more intuitive process – now you can feel even better about recommending us to your friends and colleages ;) (快進登入)
  • Hourly Stats – based on the log file – watch the hour-by-hour traffic trends on your site. (可看每小時的狀態)
  • Project Dropdown List – simply toggle between your projects when viewing your stats. (可由下拉式功能看不同網站間的內容)
  • Improved Browser Stats – now it’s even easier to monitor the most popular browser families and browser versions used to view your site. (改進偵測瀏覽器的狀態)




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